this should be fun...I think

September 23, 2007 5:40am CST
Yesterday I attended an open day at the local territorial army barracks to see what it was like because I have applied to join the university officer training corps. From first glance it seems pretty cool and I passed all the medicals so that i can go on the selection weekend next week to see if I can pass all the rest of the tests that they say we need. Does anyone know what the fitness requirements are for the UK territorial army? The reason I ask is that the university officer training corps are attatched to the local TA unit and we were told that we have to pass those requirements in order to able to join. The only difference between the other TA regiment and the officer training corps is that I cant be called up to active duty until I complete my degree. I'm kind of nervous about the fitness part of it because lets face it, what student is 100% fit unless they are studying a sports related degree? but im confident I can get through the mental tests they say we have to take. Also I would like to know what army life is actually like because they have only given us vague stories about it and i get the feeling they are trying desperately not to scare us away lol any replies are appreciated!
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