My First Day

September 23, 2007 9:11am CST
My first day, I mean, it is a girl thing... My first day of my menstration was unexpected. I was in a travel then when I felt something on my tummy, it was painful. I can't determmine if I just want to deposit waste(you know that...)or I'm hungry., it is really painful. When we got to the place, I went to the comfort room, then I shouted and call my mother. It is out my mind and I don't know that it is already my first day. Then my mother gave me a sanitary napkin, that's the time I realize that it is really it is... Well I just remember that time., that was memmorable for me., my mother is there to tell me what it is. To say that "Welcome to new phase of your life." Thanks to her...
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@lilywang (67)
24 Sep 07
congratulations !!!because you are become a really girl !!a truly girl ,when i was bleeding ,i didn't know what happened to me ,hhh,that's too terribly.!!~~welcome to mylot!!~
@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
23 Sep 07
I'm glad to hear that your mother was with you at that time, to help you. So many girls get scared when it first happens to them, so it's great to have someone around who can help you and comfort you. My first time bleeding, I can't remember that well. Something really traumatic happened to me around that same time, so the memory of the trauma kind of eradicates the memory of everything around it. Because of this I feel as if I almost somehow missed the rite of passage. I do know I was 11 years old.