Rape: How serious can it get?

@meekoh (28)
September 23, 2007 10:21am CST
I have this cousin who had been raped a couple of times by his uncles both on her mom and dad's side. I really cannot stomach the thought of a family member raping his neice. I pity my cousin for the reason that it didn't happen only once. The only thing unbelievable is that she knows how to keep her emotions and projects a very strong personality. She's surviving amidst what he had gone through. I know it creeps in inside her. I know because the man who has done it to her was the same man she thought of as a father. What an animal that man is! Thinking of this makes me breed butterflies in my stomach. I loathe those people who could do this to their neices, nephews, daughters and worse to their grandchildren. Have you no heart? May God bless your souls....
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@jam14zen (149)
• United States
18 Dec 07
This is terrible, she may have to run away or report them to the law or both. What a messed up situation to put a young person. I hope those guys get thrown behind bars and butt-raped themselves every night for a few decades.
@Harley009 (1420)
• India
18 Dec 07
aww, I feel sorry to her. Nowadays the tightness of the family relations are decreasing, In India it's better but still incest happens, I heard incest is higher in Philippines. Parents should be aware of their growing children and don't let them to be alone or to go out with everyone. If we keep good family relations It can improve the situations.