Roommate troubles

United States
September 23, 2007 11:42am CST
I live with two really great roommates. I have only one issue with our situation so far. They are both first year teachers having a miserable time of it, and they have allotted our front room of our new house as an office for them to have their desks and filing cabinets and such. I have no issue with this, as I understand they have a lot of stuff being teachers, and doing work at school for them isn't very convenient as one of them is at the mercy of the bus schedule. The house is usually a mess. I don't mind messes, but they do. They do nothing but whine about how their job sucks and they come home to a trashed house. Keep in mind, most of the mess is their own school stuff. But between lesson planning and being tired, they don't do much to clean during the week. Then on weekends, they say in a huff how they can't work in these conditions, spend all day getting 75% of it cleaned, whining the whole time about it getting so bad in the first place. I think one of them honestly believes I am an equal contributor to the mess (I cleaned all my junk up within 30 minutes, she spent 4 hours). I have a job I like that is very tiring but a good job, and they are so bitter and unhappy they treat me like I shouldn't be able to just do what I want when I come home. Like I should keep the kitchen spotless because I have the time to do it, not leave my stuff out because I have the time/energy to be clean (I am a somewhat messy person by nature, but I confine it to my room), etc. They have never said as much, but I am just getting those vibes. I have just moved to the area with them this year and have no other friends here yet. This complaining is destroying my mood and my weekends! Advice anyone?
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