money or popularity?

September 23, 2007 11:01pm CST
if you are going to choose from the two which do you prefer,to become a very popular but you are not the richest among other or to become rich but you are not known even to your neighborhood,me of course i prefer the popularity because you know there are some things that money cant buy,whats the use of having too much money but you cant even give some of it to you relative and also you dont know how to help the needy.For sure the blessings showered to you by God would vanished after a time,in other side if you are popular and helpful though you die your memories would remain in their hearts
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• United States
24 Sep 07
Part of me wants to pick the money, while another part wouldn't mind being popular. All in all though, I think I'd take being popular. I'd rather have the company of people, more than the company of dollar bill after dollar bill. This was a great topic!
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
yah great,like me too i prefer to have company rather than sleeping in bundles of money