The internet changes our life.

September 24, 2007 1:52am CST
Hi! During the past few years, the internet technology has developed very quickly. The internet has become a main role in our daily life. The internet has changed our life. In the past, we couldn't get the information so quickly as now. Thanks to the internet now, we can communicate with people around the world easily. We can get what we need from the internet quickly. The internet can save a lot of time and money.
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• Philippines
24 Sep 07
you are very much right. the internet plays an important role in our lives. be it on the young ones or on the old ones. the internet could serve as our means of making a living but it could also be the reason why we lot our money and time in a senseless way. so be aware of what you are going into
• China
28 Sep 07
Thank you for your respond and your advice. The internet not only has advantages but also has disadvantages. So we should make good use of the advantages of the internet.