The best of Metallica!

@kaki_388 (162)
September 24, 2007 2:32am CST
Metallica have been producing hits after hits for years now...if they were to release a greatest hits album,what 13 songs of theirs would you like to be in the album???
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@BuffMom (2215)
• United States
21 Dec 07
unforgiven one enter sandman sanitarium wherever i may roam sad but true fuel st anger for whom the bell tolls Fight Fire With Fire Trapped Under Ice master of puppets Disposable Heroes
• India
13 Dec 07
Here goes my list.... MOP Fourhorsemen enter sandman wherever i may room ronnie fuel bleeding me black jack lost forever
• China
5 Nov 07
The unforgiven, fade to black, sad but true and the best song i think will be the unforgiven, this song i heard no less than one thousand! every time when i heard it i feel energetic and a hot but cool song it is
@zion21 (86)
• Argentina
28 Sep 07
my favorite: st anger whiskey in the jar nothing else metters the unforgiven enter sandman master of puppets sab but true fuel one for whom the bell tolls ------------------------ bye bye
• United States
26 Sep 07
Chronologically: The Four Horsemen Whiplash Am I Evil? Fight Fire With Fire Trapped Under Ice Disposable Heroes Orion Damage, Inc. Helpless ...And Justice For All Harvester of Sorrow Dyer's Eve Of Wolf And Man Huh, no room left for anything after 1991. Yeah, that sounds about right.
@Bunsdk (242)
• Denmark
25 Sep 07
Hehe, I dont really think it matters what they put into that album. Id buy it regardless lol I like metallica for what they are and their sound, and Id always buy an album even if its just a greatest album.
@Cognition (195)
• Norway
25 Sep 07
I actually found this kind of tricky. Metallica have so many great tracks! I guess the following might be a decent selection, though: Master of Puppets Battery Sad But True Enter Sandman Welcome Home (Sanitarium) For Whom the Bell Tolls The Four Horsemen Seek & Destroy One The Unforgiven The Thing That Should Not Be The Memory Remains Wherever I May Roam
@nobbsy123 (852)
• Australia
24 Sep 07
the best of metallica. umm ok heres a list i'd suggest 1. Ride the lightning 2. Fade to Black 3. For whom the bell tolls 4. Master of Puppets 5. Battery 6. Blackened 7. And justice for all 8. One 9. The unforgiven 10. Enter Sandman 11. nothing else matters 12. the unforgiven 2 13. Turn the page