Has Anyone Else Had This Problem With Yahoo Messenger?

September 24, 2007 6:37pm CST
To save money I decided to use Yahoo messenger to call homephones, instead of paying big bucks for a traditional landline. Unfortunately when I call a phone using Yahoo messenger, I can hear them just fine, but my voice comes thorugh like an alien's. Has anyone else ever had this problem? What have you done to solve it?
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• Philippines
26 Sep 07
that is a technical problem..you must have been opening windows while making the call..what you can do is just to open one window which is the one that you are calling and do not open any window till you finish the call that way your call will be just fine..i had that problem also before and i sound like an alien too..and i figure its because i opened lots of windows while talking ichat with someone else..hope this helps you..
• Canada
29 Sep 07
Thanks for the suggestion.
@hoghoney (3749)
• United States
25 Sep 07
I have never called anyone from my messenger so I am not sure how it works but I have chatted with someone that was useing a cell phone to chat with me on my IM. I hope that you can get the kinks worked out.
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• Canada
25 Sep 07
Thank you. I think I DID get this particular kink worked out. I'll see what others say, but I figured something out tonight. My Yahoo screws up when I put my computer into hybernation (I use a laptop). I re-booted and it worked great. I guess what I need to do is turn off my computer instead of putting it into hybernation, so that my phone will be ready, the next time I turn it on, and want to use it.
@youless (97408)
• Guangzhou, China
18 Oct 07
I have Yahoo Messenger long time ago but I seldom use it because I don't have many friends there. Right now if I want to make a PC-phone call, I will use Skype because it is not expensive at all. And some time it really works very well. I think before you make a call, please make sure your internet speed is good because it may delay the voice if the speed is poor. And try to use less software when you make a call.
@kimthedane (1000)
• Denmark
28 Sep 07
I used to use Yahoo Messenger for long distance calls when i lived in the UK. These calls would mostly be to Denmark or USA and there used to be all sorts of problems with the connection, from bad noice on the line, not being able to hear eachothers to actually being interrupted or cut of constantly. I have not used the messenger ever since as i am now back living in denmark and make my calls to USA via Skype.