My Daughter Has Chicken Pox....

@4mymak (1796)
September 25, 2007 3:16am CST
Last Friday, i sent her to pre-school,... and i didnt even notice anything wrong with her - (i feel bad about that) Then, around 10.30 - she called me - from home..?? Seems that her teacher had sent her home, saying she had chicken pox !!... Oh dear.. the teachers must think i am a horrible, irresponsible parent, to send her to school like that.. We took her to the doctors after that, got medicines for fever, and the 'itchiness'. In our country, we also believe that COCONUT DRINK is a very good remedy for chicken pox - it helps to get the blisters to dry faster. Latest i heard - "PANDAN Leave Extract" is also another remedy that does the same thing. We also have taboos when we have chicken pox. You are not allowed to eat eggs - believed to make you feel more itchy. Black Soy Sauce - not to be taken at all - or, the blisters will end up becoming dark, ugly scars that takes very long to dissapear. And the 'biggest' taboo... not to bathe or shower - the old folks say that it will prolong the fever, and blisters take longer to dry and recover. (Well... i told my girl to shower anyway..) I am not sure how common chicken pox is in your country - But, do you have any 'special remedies' or taboos that you would like to share ?? :-|
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18 Oct 07
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