Happiness the key to success & a full life

September 25, 2007 3:36am CST
Dreams too can help you to discover your real self: The Subterranean world of dreams contains much that is useful to us if we can interpret it properly. Dreams help us to express our repressed emotions and desires. They are the release valves through which we indulge in fantasies that are otherwise impossible. Apart from containing unfulfilled desires, dreams also contain elements from the real world. These elements are usually from something that has excited or impressed us that particular day. That specific event or thing is ususlly the impetus behind our dreams. But dreams also contain memoeries of childhood, and sometimes expressins of our guilt feelings couped with overtones of our moral and ethical values. It will be good idea if along with self-analysis you use data from your dreams - unconscious desires and motivations to understand yourself better. This can be very valuable to you in your self-analysis, giving you added insights into your own mental processes.
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