[Naruto Theory] Pain's Body transfer jutsu?

@dgromz (10)
September 26, 2007 12:17am CST
to begin... i was thinking about pain and the last scene of chapter six where we saw six akatsuki bodys lying including pain's on thse strange chamber like beds.five, the exact no. of dead or neautralized akatsuki members: orochimaru, diedara,sasori, Hidan, kakuzo. i didnt know where to go with conclusion un til i read new chapter which shows pain in a diedara-like form which basically cause me to think that pain has a special ability to cpy bodies and (most likely) gain thier ability and the question is why are the only dead one in this 'secret room'?! sprang up and i dont know but it made me a sense, so i m still keeping the idea within my head. also now a question arises how did he got thier bodies? answer is simple remember two sasori's spies he used their bodies for shape-shifting techniques and when they lost he send zetsu to go collect thier bodies. may be thats how.... *please rate this discussion if you liked it*
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26 Sep 07
Awesome Theory, i noticed that same thing about pain in the last chapter. I think pain has the ability to transfer bodies, but keeping a little of his apperance. Like the piercings on his face.
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