United States
September 26, 2007 12:19am CST
Are you a good singer? Or do you just like to sing? Some people can't carry a tune but they love to sing, is that you?
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• China
16 Oct 07
karaok - its fun.
Absolutely not,lol.But I do go to karaok with my younger sister and my boyfriend from time to time.Although they laugh at me sometimes I never get mad at them.At least I enjoy it and have fun,lol.
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@pryce_mbg (716)
• Philippines
5 Nov 08
i really love to sing and its one of my hobbies. i usually sing when there is an occasion and when i am asked to. many of my friends congratulate me for having this kind of talent.
@youless (97358)
• Guangzhou, China
17 Oct 07
I am not good at singing. In the past I would go to sing karaoke with friends but I seldom go outside to do so any more.
@usmcsgtwife (4997)
• United States
5 Oct 07
Oh I can sing just not very well
• India
26 Sep 07
i am good singer, lol, but havent sung for along long time, i guess its transition time for me now, lol, anyways i do sing well and have also many times on stage and got some singing apple.
@williamjisir (22901)
• China
26 Sep 07
I am not a good singer at all, but I would like to sing with the song played on TV, raido and such. I love to sing to myself at home, not in public. I feel shy for my poor singing voice.
@rima0013 (441)
• Iran
26 Sep 07
no , not at all , i haven't tested it yet but i don't want to sing any more...but i love hearing when some one singing!!!
@sophylline (1042)
• Philippines
26 Sep 07
Ha! Yeah, that's me. I'm a terrible singer, but I like to sing along when I hear my favorite songs. I don't allow myself to sing in public, though. I would be very humiliated. It's nice if you have your privacy, I could sing my heart out. LOL
@g3raldin3 (169)
• Philippines
26 Sep 07
i love singing a lot but i dont have that nice voice. i can carry a tune, just that my voice isn't really qualified to be a singer. lol.
@mepibot (388)
• Brazil
26 Sep 07
Oh, i just like to sing, but i don´t have a good voice. ^____^ But, i sing in all languages, haha, just when don´t have nobody around, hahaha.
• United States
26 Sep 07
I love to sing but couldnt hold a note if you paid me. I definately wont be the next american idol, but I will continue to sing in the shower. Everyone sounds better in the shower.