Can Religion save me from hell??

September 26, 2007 5:03am CST
Can anyone discuss me about this. Me and some of my colleagues discuss on the matter maybe you could help me figure this out.
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• Philippines
27 Sep 07
Hi tines2512, religion can save you in a way that you are going to abide and follow all the teachings of the Lord and the doctrines that were discussed to you. But religion cannot save you if you are not following and doing what is right and what was written in the bible. For example, you were a student taking nurse. For you to graduate and become a registered nurse, you have to study hard and comply all the necessary requirements, and that you should pass all the exams that were given to you. However, if you are not studying and complying all the necessary requirements then, thefore, you will not pass the whole course. So in other words, it is necessary for us to follow the teachings of the Lord, to have faith with GOD, and to do some good works in order for us to be saved. Religion is just a vehicle that helps you travel from different places, but you are the one who is driving. So drive safely! Hope this would help to you in any way! Have a nice day and God speed!
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