My son second birthday is today!

United States
September 26, 2007 7:45am CST
It's so hard to believe that he has turned two already. It seems not so long ago that I was pregnant and in danger of losing him. Now he is thriving phsically and mentally and I couldn't be happier. He has learned so much and is always seeking more information about absolutely everything. Matthew has learned all of the "preschool requisits" like letters and numbers, shapes and colors, body parts, clothing, family members which made us very happy that he is developing normally. But just to make things more interesting, he has a unquenchable thirst for knowledge about animals; so far he knows about 100 different species of various animals from around the world and can tell you where a lot of them live, like the desert, jungle, savannah, etc. Pretty cool, I thought, since I myself am an animal lover. Then he moved on to harder things, like dinosaurs; at eighteen months I bought him a plastic placemat with dinosaurs on it and before his second birthday he had memorized all six plus two more that he had as toys. It's funny to me when the cashier at the store comments to Matthew, "Oh, you have a dinosaur" and he looks at her and says, "No, a Triceratops" or whatever one he happens to be holding. A week and a half before his birthday I bought him another placemat, this time of the solar system, it took him about ten minutes to memorize the planets by name and in order. Now he is learning sight words that they teach in kindergarten, words that they tell the kids to memorize like "have", "see", "my", etc. It is amazing to me the difference in my son's "intelligence" compared to my two older daughters. I guess it really does pay off to stay at home with your young children, they learn so much more. Hard to believe that he is two already but I guess it's true what they say - time flies when you're having fun because that's all we do!
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
27 Sep 07
he sounds so cute, it is amazing how fast kids grow up, one minute their being held in mothers arms and next minute they are running around like there is no tomorrow, sometimes I look at little kids and think it would be lovely if they could stay this young and innocent and never have to grow up into the tormoils of the world...