What Type of Movie You'd Like? Romance, Horror, Suspense, or What?

September 26, 2007 8:44pm CST
I really like to watch action movies, then, suspense. I feel Im the actor of that in every scene. Others? You like what?
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@andben (1076)
• Italy
28 Sep 07
I like a lot of kinds of movies: horror, suspense, action, fantasy, science fiction and psychological one. Sometimes I watch love and romantic ones.
@Arshian (478)
• Pakistan
28 Sep 07
well i like action thrillers and some romentic movies too :D
• United States
28 Sep 07
I like all types of films except horror and " romantic comedies" that are being made today.I like suspence films too. Especially films with a surprise ending.
@miryam (6507)
• Italy
27 Sep 07
i0m like a horror, thriller and action movie.. no love, no romantrics............. bye myry
• Malaysia
27 Sep 07
i like to watch all sorts of movies, especially romance. i'm a sucker for chick flicks^___^ ..i also love watching comedy, drama, horror, adventure, fantasy movies..i don't fancy sci-fi movies that much, although i do like to watch them too.
@mepibot (388)
• Brazil
27 Sep 07
I like sci-fi movies, and i have a lot of them here. Hehe, but i see horror/suspense too, but recently movies of this kind donĀ“t are great, so...i prefer now books of horror. ^___^ Sometimes i see a movie by Disney/Dreamworks/Pixar, and this is the only comedy movie i see. (;