Charmed Ones VS Harry Potter

@010878 (303)
September 26, 2007 9:29pm CST
Hmmm which one do you think would won if they have to battle each other and who would be the most powerful between them ? DOn't get me wrong I love both Harry Potter and Charmed Ones and I do know that both of them are fictions and not represent any of real witch/witcraft or wicca for that matter but it's still a good entertaining shows and books :D Personally I think Charmed Ones will win not because they outnumbered him but mainly because they don't need a wand to cast some spells and secondly they can create all spells whenever they want and wherever they are unlike Harry Potter who needs to learn some spells from the books. But now what do you think ?
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@melody1011 (1664)
• India
4 Oct 07
now thats one thing i have not thought about. I am a huge fan of both harry potter and charmed. However, both sets of witches have luck and love and friendship on their side. Choosing any one to win would be real difficult. But based on skill and brains, i think the charmed ones would win... oh now a feel like a traitor to Harry Potter. :(