How much money to expect?

United States
September 27, 2007 6:37am CST
I have no illusions of participation paying my mortgage. But will it buy me a cup of coffee someday? How much can someone make at this?
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@praveenjena (1304)
• India
20 Oct 07
it is certainly bad to expect a lot of money from myLot. but if we keep working then we may get small sums that will help us buy out small things.
@byfaithonly (10716)
• United States
8 Oct 07
Afraid this summer myLot hasn't bought me a cup of coffee, or Diet Pepsi (my caffine of choice) but I've been horribly busy with other things. My first month here I made over $30 and reached payout every month until summer hit - outside rather than on computer and starting a new business. I do love myLot though and have made some wonderful new friends from around the world.
• United States
3 Oct 07
Hello, I've only been here a couple days and I have a slow computer and internet. I'm hoping to get at least 50 posts a day. So keep on truggin and you'll get there eventually.
@Perry2007 (2229)
• Philippines
2 Oct 07
If you can post 100 a day you expect at least a dollar, for 15 days that is 15 dollars. lough...lough... it can buy you several coffee at star bucks.
• Philippines
29 Sep 07
yeah indeed it can never pay your mortgage but the people and the discussions you posted and replied to can make a difference thats something worth it right? but also it can buy you maybe a croissant or something atleast you can buy something out of your efforts here in mylot. as for me i earned around 4 bucks and i really dont know when i can reach 10 bucks...:)
@acmepride (1547)
• United States
27 Sep 07
Same here, kathisharpe. Like you, I really actually do not have any illusions that I would earn a fortune by simply myLotting, except, of course, if I would be able to refer at least a thousand active myLotters, which truly seems outlandish. In response to your second question, though, I must say that not much really. Why is that? It's because every post you make, if I'm not mistaken, would only be monetarily compensated with a cent, or perhaps, at best, 2-3 cents, given that your post would visibly be excellent. Like the previous poster, I simply consider myLot as a very dynamic venue where I could do a gamut of enjoyable things. By myLotting, for instance, I could essentially improve my writing skills, express my viewpoints about anything under the sun, learn a thing or two about different cultures and belief systems, since myLotters come from various parts of the world, interact with people who may not necessarily share my views, promote the things I must promote through my personal myLot page, make good use of my leisure time, and more importantly, develop friendships, which could potentially be lasting ones. So, in a very real way, the payment I receive from myLot is just like an icing on the cake, if you will, or a bonus for simply doing the things that I love to do, and would otherwise do without any form of compensation. In response to your first question, on the other hand, unless a cup of coffee in your place would be as expensive as your mortgage, you would perhaps be able to eventually easily afford one with your myLot earnings. Given the number of posts you currently have, however, I feel that you must simply continue myLotting and just have loads of fun here. Soon enough, you would just be happily surprised that your earnings are more than sufficient to buy you your favorite coffee at Starbucks, or even at Kaffini's. Happy myLotting and more power!
@Neriz69 (1042)
• Philippines
27 Sep 07
You are right, you really won't make much money here, but I do this for fun. I enjoy posting comments. Sometimes I just log in and read and don't post anything at all. I enjoy reading other peoples view on things and life. It's also a nice venue to share the word of God. You get all sorts of reactions, negative and positive. I also like helping others out and learning from their own experience. I'll be able to get $10.00 by mid october after 320 posts. Not much but better than nothing.