@glo258 (33)
September 27, 2007 8:39am CST
May I ask if anybody has tried this website? Do you think this is a legitimate one? It seems they are, because they give you a sponsor for playing your ticket? What do you think? Is this really legitimate or not?
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@meemingNEW (2228)
• Philippines
27 Sep 07
Nope. Not at all. I mean, I haven't even paid for a lottery ticket but then they keep on informing me to claim my $20,000,000 U.S dollars because I won their so-called lottery or they picked me as the lucky member to won that big amount.. At first, I was at awe. I was so excited with the thought that I won the lottery.. But then when I saw my friend opened her e-mail account and received the same e-mail as I did.. I just laughed since I almost truly believed that I did won.. So if I were you, I would ignore the message and delete it. Also, I'd block those email addresses especially freelotto.. So that they won't send any fraud and illegitimate e-mails anymore. Best of luck to you!
@glo258 (33)
• Philippines
29 Sep 07
Thanks meeming for that. So therefore, it is really a scam. Anyway thanks again for sharing to me your experience about this.