Can anyone help me with the new MSN Messenger???

@reinydawn (11649)
United States
September 27, 2007 10:00am CST
OK, I needed to download the new MSN Messenger to help my boss figure out how to do the video through it. I thought I told it NOT to associate itself with hotmail, but now it's always trying to open MSN Messenger when I read my hotmail. It's a real pain because it has to "think" when I sign in to hotmail, when I click on my inbox, when I click on an e-mail to read it, when I go to the next e-mail, when I try to write an e-mail - you get the gist. I really don't want to check my e-mail any more because it just takes to long to get around with the MSN Messenger trying to open up all the time. If anyone knows how to disable that in the new MSN Messenger Live thing, PLEASE tell me!!!
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