Why do i lose interest in things so quickly.

September 27, 2007 6:12pm CST
Is anyone else like me, i seem to have major trouble keeping interest in things for any period of time. For example this site, when i first joined i went hell for leather, but now the novelty has worn off, and even though i still think its fab and love the idea the intrest going. Its not only this site but loadsa others i join and the for no reason after just a short time just give up, my mail box is full of ptc mails i just can't be bother with anymore. It's not just the net either, i'm like this with everything in my life, i'm doing a law degree and have now lost intrest, but am perserving coz its my last year. And i'm exactly the same with hobbies and relationships, after a few weeks/months in a relationship i get itchy feet and it all goes down hill. Really i am that bad sometime i can't even get to the end of a film without losing interest even if its good and if i'm watching a tv program , especialy if its on my computer my attention wanders and i end up playing freecell and watching at the same time to keep me buzy. Is anyone else like this?