Didyou get the new Dethalbum?

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September 27, 2007 8:53pm CST
Did you get the new dethalbum with full length songs? If so which song is your favorite. It's hard to choose I think my favorite song might be Dethharmonic. there is something baout having the words "fiscal year" in a metal song that really just cracks me up. I also really like the Fan Song. I'm so glad a new season has finally started i missed it so much.
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@Kegleneq (54)
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24 Oct 07
I totally bought the brutalist album on the day of its release, but I bought one of the two copies Best Buy had. How blackish brutal is that of the Big Blue conglomerate to only have two copies. MURMAIDER!!!MURMAIDER!!!!!MURMAIDER!!!!!
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23 Jun 08
Oh yes, the albums rock! The best songs are Murmaider, Thunderhorse, Awaken, and Birthday Dethday. I watch that one scene in the Murmaider episode where they're playing Thunderhorse and the producer is losing pressure in his cabin and his eyes explode. It's so brutal I love it!
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2 Jul 10
Dethklok is pretty good. This is an old discussion, though, and since the time it was started, there has been another Dethalbum. In my opinion, Dethalbum was awesome. There were several 'good' songs, and then several songs that were just good parodies. Dethalbum II, on the other hand, was less amazing. The music started sounding more like generic metal, and Brendon Small's Vocals took a different turn, to a more 'screamy' and less 'growling' style. It's still worth a buy, though.