i want to have one!

September 27, 2007 10:14pm CST
iphone!, it's cool!. different models of phones have already been sold in the market. of course if it is new, it is very expensive and there will be old models will be obsolete. when i first saw iphone in the t.v, it is cool, a phone at the same time a computer. but what do you think would be the disadvantage of these technology in relation to traditions?
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@Ren1227 (104)
• United States
16 Mar 08
I am fortunate enough to have an iPhone. It is by far one of the best gadgets I have ever owned. I am even more fortunate that I have a wife who likes technology and sees the value in spending this kind of money for a phone. I use just about every single feature in my phone every day - email, internet, calendar, listening to music, watching videos, and oh yeah the phone. Being that I use all of the features of the iPhone, I think it is definitely worth the price. The only small disadvantage I see is that it is running on the AT&T edge network which is about 1/3 or 1/4 the speed of mobile broadband (3G).
• Philippines
29 Nov 07
none at all,,, it all depends on the use of the gadget
• Puerto Rico
16 Oct 07
maybe il buy a 4gb one when it drops to $200 on cingular. or maybe someone will give it for free..... you never know...
@mepibot (388)
• Brazil
28 Sep 07
I want too! But, i don´t see in shoppings yet, and is very expensive, so, i probably just will buy iphone in 2050, hehehe. Nway, i don´t think this tecnology have disadvantage (except about the price! lol).