how does it feel??

September 28, 2007 4:36am CST
how foes it feel when you are loving two people at the same time and you are being loved by another?? my friend was like that.. she has a relationship with two guys... and one guy loves her so much.. but my friend doesn't love her... is my friend a big flirt and sinner??
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• Philippines
29 Sep 07
Hi ajay10shadow.. First of all, welcome to myLot! Actually, we cannot judge the person if he is really flirting or not. But as to your statement, why engage in a relationship, well in fact you do not really love the person? So it only shows that he is not totally serious with the relationship and that he will only hurt the feelings of the girl. We do not know if that girl is really inlove with your friend. So as much as possible, try to convince your friend to end up immediately his relationship with that girl so that he will not be able to hurt the girl so much, though it is painful to accept the fact. It really hurts a lot on the part of the girl if this was not resolved immediately, thus making her only depressed in the long run. I hope this would be resolved immediately. Have a nice day and God speed!