Have we lost track of what is meaingful for life?

September 28, 2007 11:31am CST
Ever since i joined mylot, i have been reading current topics of discussion. Gist of many of them says lot many people seem to be unaware importance of oriental wisdom , literature, practices. The significance of our own religious scriptures seem to been lost in the current generation. we have become habituated to medicines for very small health problems, routine bouts of depression, etc We have spoilt our lifestyle in the craze of being independent(of parents?),eagerness to enjoy life at any cost, i would stronly recommend mylot readers to read some of deepack chopras books-to learn new insight on meaning, purpose of the precious life god has given us.
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@mimpi1911 (25454)
• India
9 Oct 07
Hi suresh, I cannot agree more with you. Our lifestyle, mannerisms and most importantly sense of values hae been changing vey rapidly. Soon it would go to the verge of destruction of values and cultures altogether! I's shocking indeed. We are running for money, fame and status, the competition is cut throat and we are living on the edge. Our lifestyle plays a very important role. WE should give it the no. 1 priority in life or else we would not survive. I feel, the most important thing is to respect our culture and values, we can never do without them, can we? At the end of the day we have to face the mirror, we should be able to look into our eyes. Suresh, I have not read any of Deepak Chopra's books but would like to try soo. Thanks for the reference.