can you feel it?the deep peace

September 28, 2007 9:52pm CST
Can you feel it,the deep peace in your heart?Maybe because i was born in fall,i like the season of fall best.Though i also like spring it is only when the fall comes i can feel the deep peace in my heart.I am relaxed seeing the high sky in the day and the bright moon behind the cloud in the night.I am sure I can feel what is heaven like,i known what is real life like .Full of imagination,I wanna known what it is behind the white cloud in the blue sky.watching the stars,i wander which one do i belong to,i am thinking the whole I got to bed,what another fantastic dream would i have when i sleep.I am thirst for it .It is life,it is real life that i was granted by the god.looking the birds flying in the sky,hearing the children's cry,I really appriciate life,love fall,love the peace in the heart.
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