Heroes is back .Does anybody notice that Takezo Kensei is Sark in Alias?

September 28, 2007 10:08pm CST
Heroes is back. It became my favourite drama instead of Prison Break in past season. In the last episode, Hiro Nakamura found him in Kyto and we don't know what would happen next. Now we know he will meet Takezo Kensei who is his childhood hero there. It is a surprise that I notice that Takezo Kensei is David Anders who played Sark, the cute bad guy in Alias. Although he is not the lead actor in Alias, but I like him. Does anybody like Alias? Do you notice that Sark is in Heroes?
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• India
7 Oct 07
I like Alias though have seen much of it. I am waiting for the second season of Heroes now. It sound exciting.
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• China
8 Oct 07
I have already seen the 2 episodes of Heroes. It is fantastic. It is very exciting. You will like it. Peter comes back but has no idea his own identity. There are more heroes will be seen. Kristen Bell is one of them.
@Pompon (1758)
• Poland
6 Oct 07
I didn't notice that but I did noticed that Takezo Kensei is most probably Hiro himself wich would be so nice, don't you think? xD And the english guy has power of bring himself back to live i think. Something like Claire, he just have to die first xD
• China
8 Oct 07
He is not Hiro,but Hiro may be the real one who has done these things in the legend. There is another possibility that Takezo Kensei became a real hero too.
@Nookie (10)
• Belgium
29 Sep 07
aah really heroes is back???
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• China
1 Oct 07
Yeah, I have seen 1st episode. If you want get more information or see the recap,visit the website www.tv.com. A great site of tv.