Too many bore wells in cities ..these days..

@subathra (3519)
September 29, 2007 1:31am CST
Digging bore well in big city has become very common as people can,t depend on the supply of metro water It is very expensive digging bore well but it is very convenient to get water as we want. In a street if there are 40 houses bore well facility is available for 30 houses.The rest of 10 houses depend on metro water.During summer seson there is no word to express the sufferings of the poor people to get a pot of water from the tap provided by the metro...I have seen people standing in long queues to get water for their daily needs. The ground water has gone down very deep. Unless you dig bore well below 300 feet it is not possible to get water here in my city. How long we can expect bore well to help us? Is this the same case in other countries too?????
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@ssh123 (31100)
• India
30 Sep 07
Chennai is one place in India where people have gone on large scale, to isntall rainwater harvesting. In other states it is picking up. The people of Chennai suffered a lot couple of years ago regarding shortage of drinking water. Do you know that government has made a legislation that the ground water on private individual property belongs to government. This is done to prevent people recklessly digging borewells. A lot of things have to be done to increase the ground water resources and rain water harvesting is one .
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
30 Sep 07
We used to have many wells before 70s'. But later as the improvement of life standards, there have been more and more tap water in each city. It is much more convenient to live in cities. I remember when I was young, I could see many wells in our city, but now they have almost been vanished because of the use of tap water. I think that if we have too many bore wells in the city, there will be the possibility that the ground will sink some day without proper control of the bore wells. It is not too good an idea to have so many bore wells in a city. What do you think? Do you agree with me?
@rb200406 (1825)
• India
30 Sep 07
Yes this is one of the prime reasons for the decrease in the water in ground.Specially in the cities.More & more deep borewells are dug to take water.There is no way of replenishment .Actually every soeciety in every city should take up water harvesting methods .This is the only way.
@vanities (11387)
• Davao, Philippines
30 Sep 07
water in my country is abundant except in some areas in manila..we are lucky in davao that we got enough supplies of terms of deepness on the wells i cant give you some information on it since i dont know about it..
@lgwlong (199)
• China
30 Sep 07
in the poor country,people have to dig the bore well ,or they cannot get the clear water,it is not their fault.but if in the rich country,people should cherish their water resouces and try not to destroy them.
@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
29 Sep 07
Hi dear, water crises is getting worse in this part of World, i mean south east asia. and if circumstances remain same and no prevention action is taken then its going to be worse. Other thing that water resources are same but population is increasing at drastic pace so resulting in less water per person available. Here in Pakistan we do have borwell as well as metros, in big cities mostly rely is on borewell, and water level is really going down and in summer went down very much, Though we dont have situation of long queues here but if situation remain same then no wonder we might have same scenes here as well If we dont have new Dams to preserve water we just lost in these rainy month then we will be really facing shortage of drinking water. New water reserviors will not only preserve water for drinking, irrigation and power generation, but also help in building up ground water level. so keep ur fingers cross