any sites where we could be an affiliate?

September 29, 2007 3:25am CST
its already two months since i started being an affiliate you know i could see that my earnings are only little i keep on having a research on where i could be an affiliate please help me about this matter i want to earn and also i want to make the time i spend in internet worthwile....please help me, ill tell you the truth i havent received any payments yet from all affiliate programs that i join
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• United States
25 Oct 07
I made my own website to promote. It is working very well. I linked it to a blog and also put affiliate sites on that. Between the two of them I am getting great exposure and lots of hits and slowly but surely I am getting affiliates signed up under me. I am really enjoying the sites and adding to them often and becoming more and more financially independent. There are several great sites for free blogs and website out there. I use for my site and for my blog. I really like them and they are very user friendly. I also have listed some great ideas and tips and tricks on my website. Send me a PM if you would like the address and I will reply with it to you.
• Philippines
3 May 08
i have a collection of products that you may get interested in. try to visit and check the list of product that you want to promote. the digital products I'm selling gives away 100% commission directly deposited to your paypal account. the basics: you get the link of the product being offered, type the affiliates.php (example the end of the web address and promote the product. If someone's bought it you get 100% commission. i myself make money on the back end since the program i am using give's 50/50 on every sale meanign i get the first sale and you get the rest. You can see the details on the affiliates.php page.
@TDonald (1423)
• United States
29 Sep 07
What are you doing to promote your affiliate programs?
• United States
9 May 08
Attention all affiliate marketers!!! Take a moment to check out LEAD PUB, an awesome affiliate network that is both reliable and exciting! The conversion rates are very good, the owner is honest, and the offers are comparable to those that are the highest paying in the industry. If you are not familiar with Lead Pub or affiliate marketing in general, feel free to contact me, as I would more than happy to offer validation on Lead Pubs and help you to get started EARNING SERIOUS MONEY!!!
@flowerhorn (1011)
• Malaysia
5 May 08
Hei ! Brother or sister! We are in the same boat. I am also in this thing for 2 months. Also have very little sale.Promoting acne treatment product! cannot make money for living. By the way,I heard if u want to be successful,promote things that can be only be found online.U stand higher chance.
• United States
9 Feb 08
I am looking for affiliates.