Great Program!

@zotopec (307)
September 29, 2007 5:10am CST
We folks have been talking so much about online earning opportunities. Some are good, some are only good for a while and some turn out real bad. The key thing is how much risk can you take? Even if you join a hyip or an autosurf, you risk everything, your identity, your money, your time and effort and who knows, in a couple of months when you have only pulled out your seed, your original deposit, all the profit goes up in smoke. And where do you land? Nothing, nowhere with a couple of months' hard-work for the admin of the program. Yes, you monitor the site, you spread good word about it, you contribute your own money and what happens, admin gets your money, the fruit of your hard work, a downline, a subscriber's list for free, your identity. Now lets' consider this program. When you join this program, it accepts you as a member and makes available to you its e-products, even if you are a free member yet, with resale rights. You could build yourself a website, advertise the software for sale, or offer it free as it is to generate a subscriber list, and still you can earn with 5$ a share with the program with your own money. E-products and e-books are the proofs that this program is not a ponzi. Well, do try this one and also let me know if you pals have one better than this:
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