what are you preparing for?

September 29, 2007 9:25am CST
it is september 29.it is national day the day after tomorrow.what are you preparing for?which is it, national day or thanksgiving day? do you know the date thanksgiving day is . are you preparing for the holiday? in national day they go out to visit good interest places.and in thaksgiving day they come together to feast. a lot of delicious food is there. have you been ready for the good day. i think we will have unforgettable time those days.
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• Philippines
5 Oct 07
I'm preparing for Christmas. I'm already preparing for the list of people I'm going to buy gifts for and also for my shopping list. I'm thinking of my schedule on when I can buy those gifts and where. I'm also trying to choose the menu for our Christmas Dinner. I'm so excited for this holiday.
• China
6 Oct 07
thank you for response. i think you wiill have a good holiday as you are preparing for if so early. merry chistmas
@youless (90000)
• Guangzhou, China
30 Sep 07
I am a Chinese, so of course I will prepare for the National holiday. Thanksgiving Day isn't so popular here yet. On the contrary, Christmas is becoming much more popular.
• China
30 Sep 07
nice to meet you, and wish you a good holiday. now i know christmas is faniliar with chinese, and merry christmas before it .