Are you proud of your country?

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@xboxboy (5578)
September 29, 2007 4:22pm CST
today i watched the international news with Burma and afghanistan and thought to myself, im proud to be british! we try our best! maybe not alweays right, but we try to be fair. lately the US and the UK have unfairly been lambasted for thier forign policys. i love the fact im scottish and british and im proud to say so! What about you?
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@owstalaga (4576)
• Philippines
1 Nov 07
Yes! I'm really proud to be a Filipino. I'm proud to belong to a country that produces so many talented people and very caring and helpful ones too! What would the world be without us caring and wonderful Filipinos... ^_^ I'm just so glad that Pinoys nowadays are showing national pride more and more. =)
• Kazakhstan
1 Nov 07
xboxboy, I have to tell you that I'm really proud to be Italian!!! I know that many people in the world don't like us and so they call us: Pizza, Pasta and Mandolino!!! But you know what, I love to eat Pizza and Pasta and I love to play the Mandolino!!! But the thing that makes me more proud of being Italian (besides our rich culture, history, cuisine, natural beauties, women, climate, etc.) is that we are the World Champions both in soccer and Formula 1!!!
@kimthedane (1000)
• Denmark
29 Sep 07
I am from Denmark and up til 2 years ago lived in England for 10 years. Never has I been that proud of my nationality as when i could pull on my national soccer team shirt for world-cup or European Championship and watch the footie with my english friends. In those 10 years my nationality was very important to me. However after returning home i find it difficult to see what there is to be proud of. We are in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our government is pretty hostile towards foreigners (refugees) and our welfaire society has been bombeb 30 years back in time. Just as Thatcher did to UK.
@xboxboy (5578)
29 Sep 07
that is sad, i have heard denmark is a wonderful place. full of proud intelligent people.
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@kiobug (2250)
• United States
1 Nov 07
im a decedent of scottish but I am from America. Its not that im not proud of my country. More like I think we need to make some changes. Lets just say I dont have a flag hanging outside my house. Good question boy.
@Arshian (478)
• Pakistan
30 Sep 07
yeah i am really proud of my country i am PAKISTANI :)
@mummymo (23707)
30 Sep 07
Well being British is ok but I am definitely first and foremost a Scottish woman and very, very proud of my Scottish heritage! You know i think that sometimes we do try to do the right thing and it doesn't work and it is wrong to judge people harshly ! Lets just learn from any mistakes and try to do better next time round! Last night we were all very proud to be Scottish as we watched our lads go through to the quarter final of the Rugby World Cup - specially Ali Hogg as we met him at my sons prizegiving at School in June! xxx