My lovely black labrador named BARNEY expired on the 17th of August..

September 30, 2007 6:55am CST
I know it's kind of late to talk about this now but i have not had the strength or the state of mind to talk about this earlier..why i am bringing up this topic now is because i still grief for my lovely Barney.................. I wanted to know from all you people who have are fortunate and blessed with their dogs and the one's mainly who have lost them.....does one ever overcome the grief? Does getting another puppy help as i had bought Barney when he was a puppy{the most beautiful softest and plumpest puppy ever}.. should i buy another one will it help..i got a irish setter female dog called steffie soon after the incident with Barney and it didn't help.. Maybe bcos Barney was a male and steffie is female!!!!!!!!!!
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