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Jess - heres a picture of Jess in good health, she's lost some weight since being diagnosed with diabetes but she is still great company
September 30, 2007 9:23am CST
My dog has recently been diagnosed as diabetic. Has anyone else had this experience? Can you give me advice about the do's and don'ts in caring for Jess in the future? Is there anything I should avoid doing, can I still walk her?
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@mamasan34 (6521)
• United States
3 Oct 07
My dog was diabetic. They are able to do pretty much anything they were able to do before. Just keep a close eye on her, if her blood sugar goes too low, give her a teaspoon of syrup or honey to help her come out of it. You will know when this happens, she will become lethargic, kind of spacey and will act strange. I don't know how serious your dogs diabetes is. Do you have to give insulin injections? If you do, try to keep them at around the same time of day. Feed before giving the shots. I always fed my dog a few minutes before, let him go potty and then give him his shot. I would do the same for him at night as well. A fiber rich diet is also good. The vet does have prescription dog food that is rich in fiber, giving treats in moderation is not a problem, but always ask your vet before. Excercise is good for your dog this will help keep weight off, being diabetic tends to start putting weight on for some reason. Other than that, your pet can lead a very active life as a diabetic. No worries! If you have questions don't hesitate to ask your vet. There are also many good websites that can assist you, just do a search on pet diabetes and you will have a wealth of information. HOpe this helps! Take care.