What is the most embarrassing thing you've been caught doing?

@kshsweet (229)
United States
October 27, 2006 4:00pm CST
the only thing I can thing of is being caught dancing in the elevator when the doors opened. I had my Ipod on and I was the only one in there when it opened to a floor full of people waiting to get on. I was so into my music, I dind't even know it had stopped.
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@AndreaM76 (1164)
• United States
1 Nov 06
Okay... I lve In Oklahoma and partying in parking lots afterhours is a common thing. I need to pee and the only place to go was on the side of the building so a group of girls and I was doing our buisness and here comes a truck! NO it wasn't a truck it was an RV of a manager that worked in the store. What made it even more embarassing I took off across the parking lot pulling my pants up, okay so I worked there too, we all did. Monday morning was confronted by the manager and he ask me if it was me and I said no. He told me not to pee on he side of the building becasue it was his front yard during the week. I didn't live it down.