He was a famous guitarist - Japan

Hideto Matsumoto - The Famous Guitarist at Japan. Love you hide-sama
Brunei Darussalam
October 1, 2007 12:22am CST
D.O.B on 13th December 1964 and Rest in Peace on 02nd May 1998. He was a famous gutarist at Japan and the Group known as X Japan. He also ever acrossed to America with Spread Breaver. He died when his body was found, the towel tied to his neck and tied to doorknob. He died on the way to hospital. During the funeral about 50,000 fans came over to give last respect. Three of his fans were died by suicide in the same way. and the other 60 was emergency brought to Hospital. Love you, HIDETO MATSUMOTO.. and miss you alot. You were one of our greatest memory. Hide-sama
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