Mysterious Death

United States
October 1, 2007 11:04am CST
I had two bunnies. One female and one male. The female's cage is slightly smaller then the male's so we put her cage on top of his to save room. They were both younge rabbits. They are both about 4 months old. Their cages are (obviously) in the same area, they eat the same food, the same treats, the same water (tap water), ect. The other morning I woke up and the male rabbit was dead in his cage. He had food and water and he was using the bathroom. Just the night before he had be eating and drinking and hopping around like normal. The only symptom I can think of that might have anything to do with his death is the fact that he drank an unsual amount of water compared to the female. While she had about half a bottle of water left by the end of the day he would drink his entire bottle of water in half a day or less sometimes. I have no idea what killed him. He acted healthy. He ate good, drank, used the bathroom, had good energy, and was growing. The female got everything the same as him and is perfectly fine. Does anyone have any ideas?
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@AmiRessa (19)
16 Oct 07
Rabbits can die very quickly of bloat (same as in cows etc)Was his stomach at all large or hard? However, There is no obvious reason why a young, healthy rabbit should die without symptoms unless they carry a genetic problem. Did you buy them both from the same place? Was it a pet shop or a breeder?
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@rawl123 (20)
• Romania
1 Oct 07
really dont know about that:((
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