Do you seek revenge against your muther?

October 2, 2007 12:39am CST
I do. Especially when she doesn't get what I'm trying to say. I want to visit some old friends in high school. But she keeps on saying that I am not supposed to be doing that because it will hinder my growth. She doesn't understand. Here's the story. I've been a loser in high school. And now since I'm in college, whenever I visit my old school, the students there always look up to me. I love that feeling! I go back there once in a while to hang out with them. But my muther always insults me! I hate her whenever she does that! And so I try my best to be hard-headed to her so she gets to feel pain and anger. That's all I can do, really. I can't hit her because she's stronger than me. I can't desert her either because I need her to pay for my school's tuition. I need her! That's why I can only be hard-headed to cause her trouble.
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• India
5 Oct 07
I would never ever do that. myself being a mother i know how tuff and painful it is bring up child to make the child be his/her own self. What ever the reason may be what ever she do to me i would never hate my mother. you are still young, you have to learn a lot from life. you don't with what pain she brought you to earth. our parents always work hard to better their children life. what ever they do to you is in your good only. please give her some happiness. If she is bad to you there would be some purpose behind that. Please learn to love your parents
• Philippines
6 Oct 07
I do love my parents. And I love my mother. It's just that I also want her to understand me. And talking won't do. So it's got to be rebellion.
@slickcut (8141)
• United States
25 Oct 07
I can tell that you are very young and maybe some rebellion is inside you.I do agree that your Mom should not put you down thats true,but at the same time do not let bitterness consume you..Mothers can be our worst enemy when we are young but as we age we get over all this stuff and we began to think different...You may hate what your mother does to you when she insults you but you do not hate her,you just hate what she is doing.I would speak up and tell your mother how you feel when she does this to you.Mothers sometimes do not realize what they are doing to you,because mothers are learning to be parents too,we did not have a book of instructions when we gave birth to you...As you said in your discussion "you need her" because she pays for your tuition,and forget hitting your Mother (BIG MISTAKE) I feel you need a better communication with your Mother...You are being hard headed to her because of your anger.My mother was not a perfect Mother either,she made many mistakes and she did me wrong at times too,but now that i am older i can see that she did not really know what she was doing.My mother carried some problems from her childhood,that she herself had to deal with.I have found that after you grown up, you see things so differntly,thats whenb you and your Mother will become friends .Right now you are trying to find your way in life and your Mother seems to be in your way....Just try to not hold grudges,because it only hurts you in the long run...Tell her how you feel and when you do let her know but tell her with respect....If you will be open with her,and i know that this is hard but if you will try this it will be better for you because you will not keep these emotions all inside of you,speaking out helps releave the bitterness....Good luck to you....