@ebabes (33)
October 2, 2007 2:39am CST
Nowdays people have a lot of pressure.what kind of pressure do you have ?I think different people have differnet perssure,correct? As for me, my pressure comes from myself i think, because i don't know how to make my dream come ture.sometimes i feel hopeless,but to be honest,i am not so pessimistic,most of time,i am confident enough to face every problem in my life.Some people said that some pressure is good you .i think that's right,if you don't have pressre at all,you will not have the drive to go ahead and make progress,right ? But why do people have so much pressure? how to release the pressure ? To release the pressure, i think there are many ways .for instance, when i am under pressure,i usually turn to my dear firneds or do some sports.How about you ?
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