Why you choose your nickname in mylot?

@mari123 (1862)
October 2, 2007 3:46am CST
We are choosing our nicknames for many reasons like admiring famous characters the person who choose (Baghdad Sun) for example is because she/he loves Baghdad so much and she/he is proud of being Iraqis and she/he consider it as a dream when the sun of freedom and comfort will shine again My question is What are the reasons that make you choose your nickname here in eslcafe?
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@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
2 Oct 07
Hello there. My nick is Poohgal because I love Winnie the Pooh. =D He is my favorite cartoon character.
@MGjhaud (20696)
• Philippines
2 Oct 07
I wanted to just put jhaud as my only mylot name but it requires more than 5 characters soi have to think of another name. i thought of MG, he's my super crush that time and so it became MGjhaud. In our house or in school, they call me joy. it's part of my name. some people who really knows me they call me 'yhat' it's not part of my name though but it has a meaning.
@tentwo67 (3384)
• United States
2 Oct 07
What is elscafe? My user id is my date of birth (October 2, 1967), so it is my 40th birthday as I type this to you!
@buwald (271)
• Netherlands
2 Oct 07
well, i chose mine becouse i play a lot online games, and go on a few other forums under other names, but they where already taken, so i took this one, basicly random, really