Do you prefer long term projects or quick results?

October 2, 2007 8:52am CST
I generally like long processes. When I paint, I like doing layers over a grisaille. When I draw, I usually pick something fairly detailed and time consuming. I can't explain it, but when I finish something that takes a small amount of time, I do not get the feeling of accomplishment that I get from something that is a multi-step or long process. I really enjoy watching a piece slowly grow from nothing to finish. Once I do start something, it haunts me and mocks me and I become obsessed with finishing it. I find that a bit ironic when I choose to do time consuming processes. As I come to the finish of a project, I have several levels of finish, almost like I do not want the end to come. There is done.. and I am going to let it dry/sit for a while before I sign it. Then there is done, after I made that alteration before signing it. Then there is signing it. Then there is that last touch before anyone looks at it. Then there is the final phase of done when it leaves my possession. Even when I do choose a quick process, I end up adding time to it before I am satisfied. Do you prefer to do work that takes an hour? A day? A month? Longer? Why?
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
2 Oct 07
in regards to writing, i have done both. I have written lots of short (500 word) articles but have also written an ebook. i understand what you are feeling, no matter the size, they are still your children lol
2 Oct 07
I didn't think of this in terms of writing, but I bet it is just as hard to stop. In terms of self satisfaction, which is your most satisfying?