Are we alone in this world?

@oryx12 (29)
October 2, 2007 10:19pm CST
Do you believe that there are many other life forms out there in space?I don't think that we are alone here!If you know anything more,please let me know!
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@linoge (102)
• United States
3 Oct 07
there should be another life form. in mars the found remains of civilization that like earth. in the bible God created us as one of His creation an place us at Eden, then maybe we are created in other place ^^x thats what i though ^^x
@oryx12 (29)
• Bangladesh
4 Oct 07
Hi linoge! Thanks for taking part in the discussion!Can u please tell me where u found the news about the discovery of civilizations remains in Mars?If it is true,then it is good news for all of us!Just think about a time in near future when we are communicating the same way with someone living in Mars!Althuogh I'm not a religious person but What u told me from the Bible that maybe true,because something about other life forms also mentioned in the Holy Quran!With our present technology we may be able to communicate with them in near future if they really exist within our solar system!If not then we'd have to wait for them to come may be for centuries after centuries!Tell me something more that I don't know!