touch with the wind

wind - touch with the wind.
October 2, 2007 11:40pm CST
i like to touch with the wind. standing on the top of the hill or building i touch the wind . it gentle and happy. it wants to make friends with me .it is around me and follow me to fly.can you image that you are stand on the top of hill. and thw wind blows your hair your close. it touch your face. it say something to you. do you feel it is speaking . we can see the wind .but we can touch, we can feel it is around us. do you have touch with the wind? how do you think the wind is say?
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• Philippines
5 Oct 07
That's a very relaxing scenario that you gave. I like the feel of the wind on my skin especially on my face, I like the way the cool breeze moves my dress, its fun and sweet :)
• China
6 Oct 07
thank you .it is nice to hear you like the the feeling. i think you must be a person who enjoin the life.