playing the piano

October 3, 2007 2:07am CST
Hi is there anyone there who plays the piano? I used the play the instrument myself and I'm looking forward to go back to it. My favorite composer has and has always been Johann Sebastian Bach because of the rich polyphonic music he had bequeathed to everyone.
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@hanreq (1445)
• Philippines
3 Oct 07
i like a piano but i can't play it,nobody's to teach me..i want to play it.,someday,i will buy it and i will start to play the way,welcome to mylot,i hope you will enjoy it..:D
• Philippines
6 Oct 07
Guess what, you're in good company. Many great musicians started from nowhere without any teacher except themselves. In fact, I feel this is the best way to start learning an instrument because one wouldn't experience the discouraging effects of having a strict and dull teacher. My suggestion is you try the John Thompson's piano series by yourself and then after a year submit to an experienced teacher. In that way, you would plant the seeds of interest in yourself long before you experience the difficulties of high end music and pianistic skill. I myself started from those books and eventually moved up to skilled teachers who were strict with every position and movement I did. However, because I had already experienced the fun and joy of playing classical music particularly Bach on the piano, I never felt discouraged. So good luck in your endeavor.
@Raysrunt (72)
• United States
25 Mar 08
I love to play the piano, although I am not great. We have always been musicians in my family and I started young, having been taught basics by my mother and grandmother. I learned to play by position, not by note. It serves me well, but I will probably never play by ear like my sister. When I was about 11, my mother finally took me to a lady for lessons. It was hard for her to untrain me and I never really got it. I stayed just long enough to learn to play NOLA because my dad loved that song, then I quit taking lessons. I now live in an upstairs apartment and can't have a piano. Recently I bought a used keyboard with 6 octaves. It serves the purpose, but I miss the pedals and can't get the right piano sound out of it. So, I play it with the harp tone and it is better than nothing. The pieces of music I got from my piano teacher are my favorites, probably because I play them a lot.
@squaretile (3833)
• Singapore
22 Jan 08
yes i do play the piano. i learnt it when i was very young. my favourite composer is also Johann Sebastian Bach. i love the structured form of the music. and the different lines of counterpoint melody and harmony. i also like chopin but his pieces are very difficult to play!