which do you want to have brothers & sisters or to be the only one.......

October 3, 2007 4:32am CST
many of us wish that he or she would never have another brother and sister so that the full attention of his/her parents will be showered to him or her?me too before i want that im the only son so that i will leave in a very luxurious life and that they will give me everything but you know i was not happy and then i learn to love my brothers as well as my sister.....now i consider them as one of my treasure
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@diillu (5128)
3 Oct 07
As for me I'm happy to be the eldest child and more lucky to have a younger brother and the youngest sister. We are so much close to eachother till this day. Mom used to say that when we were kids we didn't have any friends because we were too busy playing with eachother. We never allowed any kids to play with us when we were kids. And now even though we have different friends we know that we are best friends.
• Philippines
5 Oct 07
were really different you know because me before i hate my brothers and my sister in fact were always having a quarrel but when i learn that my older brother made such a great sacrifices for me i learn to love them...you know whats that sacrifices all about?he only study one year in college so when i graduate a couple of yours before i study i college and he is the one supporting my studies because you know my parents have no means of earning.....i was very lucky to have them because i think theyre the people who i can count on during the darkest days of my life