the two 1st time moms

the two 1st time moms - In the photo, The two first mother feeding 7 kittens. Three-Color was on the right, busy licking her own boy and feeding Second's kittens. Second was still weak on her first week.
October 3, 2007 4:05pm CST
THE 1ST FIRST TIME MOM On the 2nd of April 2007, Three-Color, my 4-year-old cat had her first two babies. As a first time mother, she cared only one baby and tooke care of him very well while she forgot and left her other baby gone away to heaven! I was not home at the time. THE 2ND FIRST TIME MOM Second, another 7-month-old cat of mine, had her 6 kittens one week later on the 9th. She was too young to know how to deliver the babies. Her fist baby was half out and she even did not know what to do sat in a jar. She just looked at me and cried meow...meow when I found her there early morning. Oh, I was thinking when seeing that what I should do for her! I finally, put on a glove and decided to pull the kitten out myself as gently as I could. Too bad to feel the baby was dead being so stuff, no moving and I could not pull the kitten out. At the excited moment, I then smoothed her back and started to massage her back and forth to make her relax. "Be calm...Second, try to blow out your stomach, please", with my shaking tone!!! Could not think of anything else, I just hope she would try to force her babies out herself. For few minutes, Second started to know what to do and blew her first baby out safely. I was glad the baby moved after she had licked him. I was quite relief and got away to do my errands, thinking she was now able to be on her own. I returned to her several times to make sure everything went well for her. But my panic was starting again!!!It was 3 hours already that Second was delivering her 4th kittens when I cam back to her the lattest. I found Second was going to faint and a bit shock as she looked as if going to leave me and her new born kittens. In my tear, I rubbed her body softly and massaged her face, back, legs, all body for a long while as she already faint. I strongly hope she would live and I continued doing the massage for about one hour in her unconsciousness. I cried more but with hope she would not leave me to raise her babies. It was noon time when Second opened her eyes after my long massaging on her. She was alive and another two kittens followed out on her last force that I had to help her pull the babies out and cut their umbilical cords, then cut and took away all the placenta. I cleaned the two lattest kittens for her as she laid down extremely tired, and put them to her feeder. Oh my! She gave birth to six kittens which was quite a big task for a new Mom, the most record I ever had!!! It took her and I to make the birth process from 6.45 hr. to 12.00 hr., almost 6 hours to finish. Phew... I lost a few water from my eyes and sweat on that April 9, 2007. My next question I wondered how Second would feed her six babies at the same times, too many of them. Luckily that Three-Color, my 1st Mom was so nice. On the 3rd day of 6 kittens' birth, I took Three Color and her only son to Second and her kittens. I asked Three-Color to help Second raise the babies which she seemed O.K. Three-Color loved the babies as her own and never did any negative to Seconds' kittens. She helped Second raise the babies very well. So this is the happy ending of my story. xo xo xo
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