What do You Think About the Jena6 Victums?

United States
October 3, 2007 7:18pm CST
What i think is that it is wrong to do us black people like that, what did (MARTIN LUTHER KING) say about it ,he said"I have a dream that white and black people will get along and we will all have equal rights". Even though Martin Luther King is dead we still need to respect that because with out him, it wouldn't be the same.I also thought that the (N)word was dead , but i thought again it's not (white) people use it against us all the time, like shutup you (NEGRO), how do they think we feel about that they don't understand because it's not being said to them, and they made 6 black boys go to jail cause a white person called them a negro, and they got mad so they jumped him, and i don''t think that is right because we are going to jail for something that we didn't even start.But when those white people hung those nuisance's from the tree the juge didn't say anything to them and i still don't get that,well that's what i think about the (JENA6)victums
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@ddzdvd (361)
• United States
7 Oct 07
you mean the jenna thugs.all six of them had a record of this type of low brow thuggery and the guy they jumped had nothing to do with no noose.the jenna cowards even attacked the guy from behind.they deserve the book to be thrown at them.