ORKUT... a lot about orkutting (friendship)

@matrix13 (998)
October 3, 2007 11:27pm CST
Its hardly six months I started using orkut. I have heard my friends say about it many times, but I was less interested. Untill one day I got an invitation and I joined. I started orkutting... I cannot express how I felt when I saw my old buddies, whom I was never able to contact, through Orkut. Now I can keep in touch with them, know what they presently do, arrange a get togethor and lot. I am sure you people also had such experience with orkut. Scrapping became a word related to friendship.. Is it.. Come and talk about 'your' Orkut... How many friends you have? how many of them you know, how many not? Do you scrap daily? How many Scraps you do? How many of you have multiple orkut IDs... How many would like to How much group you have? And foremost, your openion about the great ORKUT... Thanx all
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