how do you think about a thief?

thief - what si the thief doing? he is working.
October 4, 2007 3:45am CST
is there a thief to break in your house when you are careless? how do yo think he/she is like if you haven't catch him/her . he/she is unsightly and you must know him/her at the moment you have see them. do you think so? somebody usually say i know he/she is a thief when he/she is planing to steal other people 's. but i can't know whether he/she is a thief when it is planing to steal mine. i can know whether there is a thief far even if he/she is not ready to do . i know them at the moment i sea their eyes. they are always trying to find something. but to speak is easier than to do. we sometimes are careless. i came across a thief .he stole my bag. i was careless for half a minut to loss my bag . there are some new books which i boght this morning and a mobile phone which is important for me . i catch him near the place where it is lost. but he said he just pick it somewhere and the cell and books are lost. i know he is a thief but i can't do anything to him. what can i do if there is no help to get things what were lost. do you meet a thief face to face? there is courage to fight against him for you?
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@youless (94721)
• Guangzhou, China
18 Oct 07
I hate the thief. I hope the thief will be caught by the police and put into the jail.
• United States
6 Oct 07
Personally I can't stand a theif at all! Exspecially if it was someone I was close to or know..Once you steal from me itis over with no friendship or anything! Cause if I have it and you want it most likely I will give it to you anyways..So just don't steal from me and it will be all good....