Does Yuwie really pay?

@topei12 (272)
October 4, 2007 9:32am CST
Have you earned by becoming a member of Yuwie
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@morgandrake (2140)
• United States
4 Oct 07
I earned a whole two cents in August. I won't know about September until the tenth. Personally, I am using it as a social networking site. I seriously doubt that I will ever make payout there (you have to earn $50 dollars before you can do a payout) because I have yet to get a single person in my referral tree. My advice, unless you are good at getting referrals (which is a skill), is to view as a simple networking site. If you like that aspect, use it; if not, don't. Either way, I would consider making money there really hard work.
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• Canada
4 Oct 07
I was told once, by a friend and colleague, that you should go about your "day-to-day" business affairs, without thinking about the "money". Structure your business plan and follow it. The money takes care of itself. He was right and when I ran my "real world" business, taking his advice, I was very quickly grossing $10,000 a month. My best year topped $200,000. And that was 100% alone, no employees and working out of my basement home office.
@TravisE (445)
• United States
5 Oct 07
I have earned $0.47. ;-) It's still early on and my referral chain is only down to level 5. There are still not a lot of people on Yuwie. As long as they stick to the original offer I have good hopes of reaping reasonable amounts of ca$h, but, as was said earlier, I am sticking with it for the fun and the freshness of a community not yet cumbersome like MySpace.
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@darshakk (2142)
• India
4 Oct 07
well nt really...
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@darkaeon (466)
• Portugal
28 Oct 07
i dont know... and mylot is the best paying website so i wont go there...