If no sunrise and if no sunset.

October 4, 2007 2:04pm CST
Friends how do you feel if there is no sun.In the same way how would you feel when there is no sunset and having only sunlight.
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@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
4 Oct 07
I think if there is no sun, no living things will live and life. For your second suggestion, I can imagine how eskimos people having their daylight for 6 months and night for 6 months. For this situation, I think its OK and we can enjoy with normal life. But the power energy will fully utilized from the sunlight and will no need to have hydro-power station or diesel power station. Less bill for our internet usage!!!!
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4 Oct 07
Good question! Personally, I love the dark! If there was no sun, I'd be totally happy to live by candle-light - darkness is so romantic! It's also so much more relaxed and cozy than light! I feel uncomfortable in bright light, so if there was no sunset, life would be hell for me! I feel like I really come to life when the sun goes down, so I love it in the Winter when it gets dark at 4pm! Daylight is far too imposing and harsh for my liking! :D
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• India
7 Oct 07
hi mightycrumbgirl.I think your preference for dark is very high compared to the priority to sunlight.Ok it's good for you.